Birds For Sale


*** White Bellied Caiques ***

$850.  (includes sexing) We have 3 bloodlines

~ Babie now!


*** Black Headed Caiques ***

$850. (includes sexing) 

~ Email for waiting list


 *** Yellow Crowned Amazons ***

$1200.  (includes sexing)

 These are the best talking and singing Amazons.  Babies are usually talking by the time they wean!

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*** Maximillian Pionus ***

$725.  (includes sexing)

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*** Meyers ***

$585.  (includes sexing)

~ Babies now!


*** Senegal Parrots  ***

$585.  (includes sexing)

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~ Eggs now


*** Jardines Parrots ***

$1085.  (includes DNA sexing)

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*** African Grey Congos ***

$1600.  (includes DNA sexing)

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** Rescue birds **


 ** Pet / Breeding Pairs For Sale  **

Things are changing here.  Most of our breeder pairs are for sale!


 (Call only for info 440-285-4757)





                                                                  *  Terms of Sale  *


* Prices are subject to change *

We ship on United Airlines animal services to most major airports. We use new quality plastic bird kennels.   (crate and shipping fees total $130.)  ~ We can also ship on Delta if neccessary (weather permitting) at a much higher rate.

We require a $100. deposit for babies $600. or less and a $200. deposit for babies more than $600. Deposits may be sent by personal check, cash, or money order for unweaned babies. Deposits are NOT refundable for ANY reason.  Final payment is due by the time the baby bird has weaned. Prices are NOT negotiable.  Babies that are not picked up within 2 weeks are subject to a boarding fee/day. Cash is required for pick up, and money orders for babies being shipped.  All baby Parrots are weaned onto "small" size Roudy Bush pellets, nuts, and vegetables.  Please order the pellets prior to baby's arrival or you can buy a bag here.  Please read our health guarantee posted on the next page.  Call me 440-285-4757 *Eastern time *  (leave a message, we do not take calls after 8pm)  We are not a pet store, nor do we have "hours".  Please call or email for an appointment. 

*We do bird grooming, DNA sexing, Disease testing, and vacation boarding by appointment

*Once or twice a year, a veterinarian who is an avian specialist is here for a bird clinic.  At that time, we have all bird services including microchipping and surgical sexing.  Call for an appointment.



Call Cindy  440-285-4757 *Eastern time* (leave a message)


New Baby info:

All baby parrots are weaned onto "small" size Daily maintenance Roudy Bush pellets.  By a big bag.  Babies are sloppy eaters.  Also have small bags of shelled nuts (walnuts, almonds, peacans, etc, from the grocery store) You may also purchase a bag of pellets here when you pick up the baby.  Please be sure to buy or order your cage at least a month before the baby is due to come home.  Have the cage set up ahead of time in case there is a problem and it needs to be returned.  Cages should be appropriate size for bird species.  It should be stocked with natural perches and cement perches of different diameters.  Cages should have at least 3 bowls.  Toys should be a variety of colors, materials, sizes, etc.  (at least 5)  When the baby comes home, it should be left alone for the first day to navigate the cage, acclimate to the new house and people, and find the food.  The next week, out of cage time should be slow and quiet to gain the birds trust.  Limit time to 10 min a few times a day.  You will know when the bird is comfortable and not scared and then it can be out for longer periods of time.  Do not overwhelm a new baby in the first 2 -3 weeks.  Most will be begging to come out of the cage after the first week. 



Avian vets


Animal Clinic Northview                                     Bird & Exotic Wellness Center
Dr. Jamie Lindstrom                                           (419) 843-3137
36400 Center Ridge Road                                    5166 Monroe St.  Suite 305                                
North Ridgeville, OH 44039                                  Toledo, OH  43623

(440) 327-8282
Animal & Avian Medical Center                       Barberton Veterinary Clinic
Dr. David Hammond                                          Dr. Riggs
4171 Center Rd.                                                  4873 Richland Ave.
Brunswick, OH  44212                                         Norton, OH  44203 
(330) 225-0095                                          (330) 860-5789
Animal Medical Center of Euclid                       Avian Health Clinic
Dr. Paul Ramsey                                                     Dr. Ram Mohan
24100 Lakeshore Blvd                                          7152 E. Main St, Suite B
Euclid, OH  44123                                                Reynoldsburg, OH  43068
(216) 261-7490                                          (614) 755-2273